Creator learning pods are 8-10 creators and 4 agency & brand partners in cities worldwide. ONE Creator Lab brings creators into your agency and exposes them to your culture. Train the trainers while mentoring creators. Schedule a call to learn more about two-way learning and hosting a creator learning pod.


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Q Why Host A Pod?
A One Creator Lab’s 20-week part-time immersive creator program solves two issues for creative teams at agencies and brands:

1. Since agencies and brands cannot find creator graduates from traditional school programs, ONE Creator Lab developed innovative program offerings and new pipelines of talent for these emerging roles.

2. Two-way learning - instructors mentor emerging creators while learning creative director skills. They learn to manage & inspire diverse creator talent, and make other's work better. Together creators and instructors learn to ideate and make short-form video-first campaigns, solving brand's briefs at the speed of culture.

Q How do agencies and brands participate?
A Alternating weeks with your fellow pod hosts, you’ll manage 8–10 creators three evenings a week — Mondays in-person in your company’s office, and Tuesdays and Thursdays online. Each of these sessions will be 2-3 hours long.

After your week concludes, you’ll pass the baton to another pod host. Once we cycle through all four pod hosts, you’ll repeat the process all over again. In short, you’ll be leading the pod one week a month for four months.

Q What are we teaching during our weeks leading the pod?
A ONE Creator Lab has developed a detailed yet easy-to-follow curriculum that you’ll guide the creators through each week. Using an especially designed Learning Management System, you’ll be provided lessons, discussion topics, and other materials to share with the pod, with plenty of your own experiences and thoughts added in for good measure! The LMS provides two-way learning for both creators and instructors.

Q How many briefs do agencies and brands provide and mentor creators on?
A Four agency & brand partners rotate in teaching, mentoring and providing briefs to the Pod of 8-10 creator students. Each partner will provide a total of four briefs.

Q How do the creators and the partners use the briefs?
A Creators use their ideas, prototypes and presentations for solving the briefs to build their creator portfolios.

Agencies and brands use their briefs as mini-innovation labs to tap into the thinking, ideas, and prototypes of Gen Z and millennial creators.

Agency instructors use the teaching and mentoring experiences to learn to communicate effectively, give feedback, manage diverse Creator talent, and make work better. Two-way learning provides instructors with Creative Director Creator skills.

Q What is the time commitment?
A Agencies & brands provide instructors and mentors for pods of 8-10 creators for 1 week a month for 4 months.
  • Four Tuesday online classes to teach topics of the week and answer questions that the creator students have about the topics
  • Four briefings / briefs
  • Four Thursday mentorship online sessions to provide feedback and direction on the creator’s initial ideas for solving the briefs
  • Four Monday in-person onsite presentation classes to give final feedback and critique on the creator’s work and presentation skills. Both the instructors and creator students provide feedback and critique on the work and presentation skills.

Q What are the benefits for partnering with ONE Creator Lab?
A Benefits include

    1. Training the trainers - two-way learning - creators and instructors learn to ideate and make short-form video-first campaigns for solving brand's briefs at the speed of culture. Instructors develop Creative Director Creator skills.

    2. Briefs – test drive Gen Z & millennial creator talent for their problem solving thinking, insights, ideas, and prototypes for solving briefs.

    3. Creator talent – hire diverse creator talent vetted by your team.