Q How is ONE Creator Lab different from Ad Schools, Portfolio Schools, University and College programs?
A ONE Creator Lab is NOT A SCHOOL.

It’s instead an alternative to the traditional ad or portfolio school. By taking part in a hybrid in-person/online learning lab designed specifically for content creators, you will come out with not just a better understanding of the marketing industry, but a confidence in why and how content creators can work hand in hand with advertisers to make stand out strategic, trending, and impactful campaigns.

Q How much does ONE Creator Lab cost?
A We developed the creator labs so that cost would not be a barrier to attending. ONE Creator Lab's tuition fees are $0.

In lieu of $10k in tuition, if selected for the program, you will be asked to make a “Pay It Forward Pledge” to fund future creator labs and to lead the growth of the global creator community. Creators will be asked to donate their time to mentor, teach, create learning content, participate on panels, enter awards, judge awards shows, and lead future development of the creator community. Additionally, students will be required to purchase a one year, $95 Student membership to The One Club for Creativity.

Q Where does ONE Creator Lab take place?
A The Labs will take place in multiple cities. You will be placed in learning pods based on your location for in person sessions.

This season, we are looking to hold pods in New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Toronto and Miami. Not in one of those cities? Don’t worry, we will be expanding in future seasons.

On Mondays, you’ll travel to a variety of agencies and brands in your area to present your work and prototypes to both your instructors and creator peers. You will experience first hand the company culture at agencies and brands alike, which will help you understand the day-to-day flow of work in the industry. It is important that you are available to travel to the different onsite locations and arrive on time (at least 5 minutes before time) for the classes each week.

On Tuesdays and Thursdays, you’ll meet with instructors and mentors online. It is expected that you are available to attend all classes on time during the 20-week program in order to get the most out of participating in the program.

Q What will I need?
A A laptop, smartphone with camera and video, and a passion for collaborating on creative teams at brands and agencies.

Q How do I apply?
A You can apply HERE on our site. Creator labs begin in mid-July.

Q What should I expect from the program?
A ONE Creator Lab is an intensive part-time program that requires 15-20 hours per week for 20 weeks. You will attend online and onsite classes, where you will solve briefs, prototype ideas, and give regular presentations. You'll receive mentorship, get feedback, and ask questions, and learn to create content across media platforms that will help stand out and grow with a rapidly evolving industry.

Q What topics are covered in the program?
A As our industry is rapidly developing each day, our curriculum has been designed to evolve with the content creation landscape. Some of the topics that will be covered in the program include:

  • Creators, makers, and collaborating on creative teams at brands and agencies
  • Tapping into culture
  • Design fundamentals for content creation
  • TikTok, and video-first content creation for brands
  • The fundamentals of social, paid, earned, and performance media
  • Campaign creation across platforms
  • Understanding and creating content in both a brand's voice, and your authentic voice
  • Transmedia storytelling
  • Presenting and selling ideas internally and to clients
  • Creator Portfolio development
  • Interview best practices

Q What outcomes should I expect from the program?
A ONE Creator Lab provides the skill sets needed to develop a professional creator portfolio, and to interview for entry level creator roles, or other positions on creative teams.

Our partners and creative industry leaders will provide mentorship and guide you as you develop your own professional portfolio, practice interview skills, and more. Plus, as a member of The ONE Club for Creativity, you’ll also have the opportunity to participate in networking events and portfolio reviews.

As a member of The One Club for Creativity, you’ll have the opportunity to participate in networking events and portfolio reviews.

After completion of the program, ONE Creator Lab grads should feel prepared for full-time, freelance, apprenticeship, and paid internship opportunities on creative teams in-house at brands, or at advertising, marketing, design, production and media agencies.

Q Is ONE Creator Lab accredited?
A ONE Creator Lab is not a school, nor accredited. ONE Creator Lab is a learning lab program for content creators that reimagines experiential learning with a curriculum designed to develop with the industry, and without excessive tuition costs.

Q Do I get a certificate or diploma?
A You’ll receive a certificate of completion as well as ONE Creator Lab graduate social media assets to celebrate completion of the program with both your professional network and personal audiences.

Q How much time is needed per week?
A ONE Creator Lab is an intensive part-time program that requires approximately 15-20 hours per week for each of the 20 weeks.

Q What if I have a full time job?
A Time management is key when you have a full schedule. You’ll need to strategically carve out 15-20 hours a week for ONE Creator Lab work.

Q What if there are not enough Creator applicants for a Pod in my city?
A In the event that there are not enough applicants in your city, we will share other city options that may be a good fit for you that have more applicants already.

Q Will you help me get a job?
A ONE Creator Lab will guide you as you build a competitive portfolio that will stand out in the industry. Our partners and mentors will also help you prep for interviews, and help you confidently compete for creator roles at brands and agencies. However, no lab, school or bootcamp is able to guarantee employment.

Q How old do I need to be to apply?
A ONE Creator Lab is open to everyone 21+ years of age that can dedicate 15-20 hours a week for 20 weeks to develop the fundamentals skills required of content creators in-house at brands or at agencies.

Q What is The One Club for Creativity?
A The One Club for Creativity is a not-for-profit organization [501 (c) (3)] dedicated to championing the global advertising and design communities. Buoyed by acclaimed industry award programs such as The One Show and the ADC Annual Awards, The One Club hosts numerous initiatives throughout the year that support Education, Inclusion & Diversity, Gender Equality, and Creative Development.

If you have any further questions we would love to hear from you. Please email additional questions to .