If you’re obsessed with content creation, social media, and creative storytelling, but still finding your footing in the marketing industry, keep scrolling—you’re in the right place. While developing viral, branded content takes top-notch creative instinct and experience producing short form video, it also requires a solid understanding of what brands need, and the strategy backing it all up.

The ONE Creator Lab program was born out of the very real need for content creators at branding, marketing, design, communications, and ad agencies. And what better way to master necessary skills that will help you stand out as an applicant than by learning directly from over 150 Chief Creative Officers and other leaders at brands and agencies?

Kicking off September 2023 in cities across North America, our 20-week hybrid in-person/online training program will both strengthen your portfolio, and help you develop the skills you need to confidently produce video-first campaigns in a fast-paced field where tools and trends change every day. By working directly with creative teams that have identified the need for a diverse creator talent, ONE Creator Lab was designed to set you up for success in an industry looking to usher in a new generation of creatives.


Stand-out content creators don’t just understand the structure of short-form video—they understand both why it’s a pivotal category for marketers, and why creators are in demand across so many industries.

ONE Creator Lab is a 20-week, part-time, upskill training program taking place in cities across North America. Each week you will attend an in-person presentation, an online lecture, and an online mentorship session. You will also receive assignments each week that will require research, ideation, collaboration, content creation and a final presentation.


Just like trending creative content, ONE Creator Lab’s curriculum is fast-paced and ever evolving in real-time. Some of topics covered in the program include:

  • Creators, makers and collaborating on creative teams at brands and agencies
  • Tapping into culture
  • Design fundamentals for content creation
  • TikTok, and video-first content creation for brands
  • The fundamentals of social, paid, earned, and performance media
  • Campaign creation across platforms
  • Understanding and creating content in both a brand's voice, and your authentic voice
  • Presenting and selling ideas both internally, and to clients
  • Creator Portfolio development
  • Interview best practices



We celebrate the development and success of the global creator community by nurturing the growth of local creator communities.


We collaborate to make things that create and affect culture in real-time, across media platforms, solving brand’s biggest issues. Creators are diverse makers from all disciplines with creativity and community building at our core.


Experimental creator learning labs collaborate with creative teams at agencies and brands to upskill and develop careers of diverse creator talent of all kinds, at all levels.


We know tuition and student loans are a common barrier to entry for many traditional programs designed for portfolio development. We also know that we, as an industry, can’t risk missing an opportunity to support the next generation of creative talent. That’s why we are proud to announce there is no upfront tuition cost for attending ONE Creator Lab.

Instead of charging a hefty tuition upfront and weighing down our growing talent with student loans, we ask our creators to make a “Pay It Forward Pledge” where they agree to give back the equivalent tuition cost of 10k after completing the program. Creators will do so by donating their time to mentor, teach, create learning content, participate on panels, enter awards, judge awards shows, and lead future development of the creator community.

If accepted to the program, students will be required to purchase a one year, $95 Student membership to The One Club for Creativity.

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